What is language to you?

What is language to you?

by Aziz Obidov -
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Language, unlike breathing or eating, is not biologically inherent; it is not instinctively present. 

The infant must learn the power and uses of language; he must gain it by conscious effort and by discipline. Sound by sound, word by word, the child acquires this wondrous vehicle for making his or her wants known, for expressing feelings and thoughts, for understanding what others wish him to know or do. And, constantly expanding and improving command of language as the baby grows into an adult, develops the capacity for critical thought and effective communication on the most abstract and sophisticated planes. Language, as a social convention, thus becomes one of the prime characteristics of an individual rising above a simple animal existence.

In human language is to be found the true mirror of the individual's true character. If one's eye is a mirror to a person's Soul, then one's lexicon is an index to a person's ideas and passions, inventions and achievements, history and hopes. As individuals extend the horizon of their knowledge, they extend simultaneously the range of their language by devising new words, new meanings, new symbols.

By learning the English Language you, too, can simultaneously expand the horizon of your existing knowledge, and become more articulate at expressing your wants, feelings and thoughts.

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